If you have not already, please download the enrolment form.

The enrolment form is in PDF format. It can be filled in digitally using your browser or one of the many free desktop or mobile apps OR you can print, fill in the form by hand and then scan a copy or take a photo of each page to send through to us.

So, when your enrolment form is complete, you've reviewed the terms and conditions and signed the last page, fill in your details below and use the upload document function to attach a copy for us to process.

If we have any questions, a member from the team will reach out otherwise you'll hear from us shortly letting you know your application has been processed.

For common questions and support requests, jump to the FAQ section below.


Who is Open Door?

Open Door Coaching is a leading and respected provider of coaching Qualifications and Certifications. In fact, Open Door designed and delivered Australia’s first qualifications in workplace coaching, with government and International Coaching Federation accreditations.

AIM recognises the ability and impact of Open Door and is proud to share access to the Diploma, ensuring our clients get the best Qualification available to meet their goals.

How Do I Enrol?

If you haven't already, download the PDF enrolment form, fill it in and submit your completed document via the upload function in the form above.

Can I fill in the enrolment form digitally?

Yes. You absolutely can. Most modern browsers have this capability built in (just remember to download and save your 100% complete form).

There are also many free desktop and mobile apps available for filling in PDF forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most common and available on all devices and operating systems.

Is the enrolment process secure?

We use one of the industry leaders in end-to-end document encryption. Click here for more information on their security practices. Your can be confident the storage, access and management of your uploaded document adheres to strict, best practice security protols along with robust internal processes employed by AIM and Open Door. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.

What happens next?

A representative from Open Door will follow up on your Enrolment directly.